Image_Hack is an initiative that strives to change the stereotypical way women are portrayed in media and marketing. By hacking stock sites, we can alter the search results, and then alter the media landscape.

Step 1: Create

Use your camera to change the way women are portrayed in advertising. How do you define real women of today? Your lens is your vision. Break down stereotypes and be creative. If you need inspiration, scroll down to the gallery and view pictures already submitted to the campaign.

Step 2: Submit

Create a contributor account and upload your images to a stock site. Once you’ve successfully uploaded your images you need to give them a set of tags. Our advice is to use the ‘Suggested tags’ feature and then add your own. In order to successfully fulfill our mission, please use the tags: ‘equal women’ and ‘beautiful women’. Also, don’t forget to have the model sign a release form so brands can use the images in their advertising.

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Step 3: Join

Join the Image_Hack campaign. Fill in the form below so we know that you are a part of the change, and so we can add your images to the contributers gallery.
As an industry, we do not only have the power to change the way women are portrayed in the media landscape, we have a responsibility to do so. Every time we use images, that don’t reflect society we run from that responsibility and we support an unhealthy ideal.
Today, 7 out of 10 women (The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report 2016) believe that media and advertising set an unrealistic standard of beauty most women can’t ever achieve. But in the industry, we still believe that using stereotypical images resonate with women. It’s time we change that – together we can truly change that. Take part now by hacking the industry – simply by changing the images you use in your next ad, to a less stereotypical and more equal image. Then show your support and state your opinion by using #equalwomen.